Dr. Yvonne Naylor PhD
Heart of a Warrior


      Dr. Yvonne Naylor is an ordained minister with a BA in Theology,  BA  and MA in Christian Counseling, and PhD in Leadership. Her Kingdom journey of over thirty-five years has fashioned her into a Kingdom saint of this age and humble but determined warrior of Yahweh Elohim. Twenty five of those years have been in the state of Virginia where she currently resides. Her walk with the Messiah, our Savior, has been with its trials as well as triumphs. Faith and dependency on Almighty Yah helped her thrive to achieve significant goals while consistently looking ahead to the next move of God in her life.  It is obvious Yvonne Naylor is highly anointed with a significant destiny in the plan and purposes of our High and Holy Creator. Her love of Yahshua Hamashiach, Jesus The Christ and her ministerial, teaching and prophetic gifts propel her into another exciting season of life.

     Dr. Naylor is a breach mender with a heart for pointing the lost toward trusting the full scope of the Gospel. This anointed woman of God has the spirit of a warrior to proclaim to the rejecting world the Kingdom of her Sovereign God. She has many abilities complimented by her strength in biblical research and motivated by a driving desire to teach saints to grow spiritually and walk in the Truth of their faith. Dr. Naylor rejects lukewarm, casual, worldly or shallow Christianity. She is invigorated helping individuals realize the power of faith, their real Kingdom identity and how to move toward their Divine destiny. Her personal mission is to open people's minds to the Truth of God's Word and His Kingdom plan, not man's church system and flawed religious ideology. Her teaching and preaching goes beyond the usual Christian rhetoric or Sunday morning rituals into a deeper spiritual experience with scriptural Truth and Holy Spirit revelation very much at the forefront. Emphasis is not only on doctrine and dogma but instructive guidance on how to study, understand and articulate what you profess to believe. Highlighting other Truth seeking voices in Kingdom service is greatly satisfying for this woman of God. She promotes a unified Body in the faith for all of Yahweh's Kingdom remnants.

      Dr. Naylor has created Above the Storms as a nonprofit, nondenominational Christ-centered ministry. The purpose of this site is to share with the world her accumulated years of evangelical wisdom, academic excellence and Holy Spirit inspiration.  Yvonne has a specific message for the chosen of God, and a message to the entire world. Within this site she will fulfill her calling on both these points. Her desire is to help both remnant saints of Yahweh Elohim and those in need of salvation to learn how, under the authority given by our Righteous Redeemer and with the indwelling Ruach Hakodesh (Holy Spirit) they can walk in stouthearted faith that soars high above the storms of life.

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