Above the Storms Ministry

     Established in 2018, Above The Storms ministry is nonprofit, Christian and nondenominational.  Founded by Dr. Yvonne Naylor PhD, this teaching, Truth and God seeking outreach has multiple goals. They all point to advocating Yahweh's Kingdom Gospel, encouraging His saints and teaching His Holy Spirit inspired Word. The ministry's online presence offers cost-free material consisting of academic and spiritually revealed Bible study and Kingdom centered counsel. The information found on this site will be from various respected and qualified saints of God in addition to Dr. Naylor's work but all within ATS core beliefs and under biblical guidelines of this ministry. Above the Storms is designed to point the world toward salvation and teach the Truth of Scripture in an effort to mend religious breaches of erroneous doctrines and man made traditions in today's church system and the community of faith as a whole. 

     Dr. Naylor is an ordained minister as well as a PhD. Her education, ministerial credentials and decades-long spiritual journey qualifies her to teach Theology and Christian counsel. ATS is dear to Dr. Naylor's heart as a culmination of her love of Yahweh, life experience, education and deep caring about people. She excels in encouraging people toward experiencing life with firm biblical standards. In the not too far future, she will be accepting requests to preach or speak to groups. Lectures and study materials will be online along with other written, audio and video materials. Our online presence will expand as Yahweh progresses His ATS ministry.

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