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Privacy and Usage Compliance

Above The Storms (ATS) Ministry is a nonprofit entity that respects the privacy of anyone who connects or interacts with this forum. This ministry absolutely does not share or sell anyone's contact information or personal data of any kind. Nor do I purchase lists from unscrupulous sources selling people's data without their permission. I do not collect your data for my own marketing purposes. I am not in the business of selling anything and do not actively solicit donations. When you connect with this ministerial outreach, the website system automatically lists your contact information for storage. I cannot control that particular function. However, if you do not wish this info saved you can request immediate deletion and I will promptly comply.

My policy is to respond to all inquiries and comments about the content but never make unsolicited contact with any individual. I will make every effort to insure your visit to my website is safe with the assurance of no unsolicited follow ups. Anyone participating under the umbrella of this ministry is strictly required to uphold ATS privacy policies.

Fair Usage Statement: This site is a nonprofit educational ministry which sometimes uses materials not original to the site under the Fair Usage Act of the United States Copyright Law -Title 17 U.S.C. section 107.

  Dr. Yvonne Naylor PhD

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